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Mara Heuer 

lives and works in Halle/Saale, Germany.

In her artistic work, Mara Heuer explores the curiosities of action figures, fluffy cuddly toys and plastic toys of all kinds. Thematically, she often moves herself back to pop culture worlds of the past, back to the early 90s, when Heuer was a little child. In countless serial revisions, Heuer translates the toy worlds into new contexts in which repetition, alienation or the aspect of collecting always revolve around themes such as personal memory, fun and consumer culture or nostalgia.

Her work occupies an area somewhere between drawing, painting and illustration. Printmaking and collaging completes her visual universe, where she explores the weirdness of action figures, fluffy cuddly toys and other crazy plastic stuff she finds interesting. Her influences range from 90‘s kids cartoons & comics over outsider & naive art, to weird 80‘s (horror) movie aesthetics or diy punk & tattoo culture.

She is also available for collaborations or commissions.

For any kinds of questions or requests,
feel free to contact her:

︎ hello@maraheuer.com

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︎ mara_heuer

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Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2022: Monsters In My Pocket, Fumetto Festival, Kleintheater Luzern, Switzerland

2021: Monsters In My Pocket, Schleifweg, Halle/Saale, Germany

2019: When Puppets Are Your Only Friends, Atelier Aichinger Leipzig, Germany


Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2023: No Drone Zone, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany

2022: GameOn Vol. 3,
Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany

2022: Lindenow 18: Keine große Sache
Hostel Blauer Stern, Leipzig, Germany

2022: GameOn Vol. 2,
Ateliergemeinschaft, Neugersdorf, Germany

2022: GameOn Vol. 1,
C. Rockefeller, Center for Contemporary Arts, Dresden, Germany

2022: Art Volkmarsdorf, Riso Club, Leipzig, Germany

2022: Kunstwochen Radewell, Kunststandort Papierfabrik Radewell, Halle/Saale, Germany

2022: Mirrors, Snail Eye Festival, Kollonadenstraße, Leipzig, Germany

2019: Wo die wilden Bilder wohnen, Krumulus, Berlin, Germany

2015: Lindenow 11
Yacht Club Leutzsch, Leipzig, Germany

2015: Stil und Gewalt,
Kunstraum Tankstation, Enschede, Netherlands

2013: Aki Electric,
Kunstraum Tetem, Enschede, Netherlands


Art Book Fairs (Selection)

2023: Illustrade, Rostock, Germany

2023: Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland

2022: Snail Eye, Leipzig, Germany

2022: Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland

2022: Its A Book, Leipzig, Germany

2021: Comicfestival Hamburg, Germany

2021: Its A Book, Leipzig, Germany

2019: Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland

2019: Millionaires Club, Leipzig, Germany

2018: Comicsalon Erlangen, Germany

2018: Millionaires Club, Leipzig, Germany

2017: Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland

2016: Seoul Art Book Fair, South Korea


Publications (Selected)

silkscreen artist book, self-published

2023: Kleiner Gelber Hund, booklet, self-published

2021: Hungry For Attention, riso booklet, self-published

2021: Monsters In My Pocket, book, self-published

2020: Childhood Dreams, booklet, self-published

2019: When Puppets are your only friends, booklet, self-published

2019: Acht Löwen, book, self-published

2018: Banale Beobachtungen des Alltags 1, book, self-published

2018: Das hässliche Händlein, book, self-published

2018: Schweiß und Tränen, booklet, self-published

2017: 651 Rabbits Occupied This Book, book, self-published

2016: Furry Friends, booklet, self-published

2015: Group Constellations, booklet, self-published

2012: Hopes and Fears 1, booklet, self-published



2017 — 2021:
Master Studies at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle  
(Master class of ATAK/Georg Barber)
- Master of Arts

2009 — 2014:  
Bachelor Studies at University of Applied Sciences Mainz
- Bachelor of Arts

2012— 2013:
Fine Art Studies at AKI, Academy of Art & Design, Enschede, Netherlands


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